Our Vision

Our big goal for this company is to innovative the automotive industry. I feel like there is a huge cluster in every aspect of this in industry, and my goal is to unite them all.

I’m going to create a place that not only supports, but curates gear heads, and that they can go to, for every need that they could think of when it comes to anything.
Cars and trucks, to ATVs and Boats. Also supporting the gear heads hobbies, memorabilia, clothes, video games, simulators, RC cars and so on. 
- Think of what Cabelas did with the hunting industry, I want to be able to create the same oversimplified experience for clientele. 
I want to over educate yet over simplify. Creating different types of education available so that everyone can get under a hood of a car know what they’re looking at, and eventually get into knowing I what they are doing.

I also want to over-support the brands that are already out there, I don’t necessarily want to manufacture my own parts, I would rather create partnerships with brands and have “Honey Badger” parts brought in made with tweaks to better support our game. Or with more customized availability in brands we know and trust.

I recognize that there’s thousands of service based and manufacture businesses out there. Some are more advanced then others, but I’m going to support all that will let me. I want to interview every single automotive company out there. So many of these guys are geniuses under the hood, but don’t know how to set up a Facebook page. I want to help give exposure to guys up with podcasts and shop tours put on YouTube. 
I’m going to do something similar with the manufactures out there.

I going to create a site and app that helps all of us find near by places to go to, to get what we need. 
The goal with that is to have a page that’s like an atlas for the industry, that shows every company’s capabilities and potentially price ranges and so on. So we don’t have to always hit up a Facebook group to find the best place near you.

And to dive into that, I want a source to connect all sources. Manufactures sell to distributors, So I’d like to create a B2B source that connects that, but also create a B2C source that shows where I can find manufacture parts at retail places and what shops are verified to install those parts.

The goals is to be able to create a source that supports everyone that loves, and wants to learn the gear-head way, from every aspect, at their own pace. And create a source that has everything that they could need available to them.

Our goal is to start online, and work our way to retail store front.